Ursins (VD)

Ursins, a village five kilometres far from Yverdon, was an important sanctuary during the Roman period. Three temples are attested and one has been transformed into a church during the Middle Ages.

Canton: Vaud

Swiss topographic coordinates: 541'134, 176'263

Google Earth file: Ursins-en.kmz



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Others visible sites in the area

The Gallo-Roman temple

The temple is well-preserved thanks to its transformation into a place of christian worship and wich now is the nave of the church Saint-Nicholas. It is a Gallo-Roman temple (fanum), with a central worship room circled by a gallery with columns. The podium is reinforced by buttresses on the west and on the south. The entrance was at the east. Old graves allowed to discover annex buildings, including maybe a theatre or a religious amphitheatre. In 2003, two new temples and a third building have been discovered by aerial photography. One of these photographies is visible in the book Vu du ciel (see Bibliography).

Swiss topographic coordinates: 541'108, 176'311