Samian wares of La Graufesenque

Presentation of the smooth terra sigillata objects made in the workshops of La Graufesenque, during the first and second centuries AD, with the order established in the book: Genin, Martine et alii, La Graufesenque (Millau, Aveyron): Volume II, sigillées lisses et autres productions, Pessac, Aquitania, 2007. The main used sofwares for these restorations are: Blender, LuxRender.

Goblets, plates, dishes

Bowls: shapes 1 to 8

Bowls: shapes 9 to 14

Bowls: shapes 15 to 25

Goblets, plates, dishes: shapes 26 to 34

Goblets, plates, dishes: shapes 35 to 46

Various shapes: shapes 47 to 54

Various shapes: shapes 55 to 62

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