Valeyres-sous-Montagny (VD)

The region of Yverdon-les-Bains has several megalithic monuments dating from prehistoric times, and one of them is located in the commune of Valeyres-sous-Montagny.

Canton: Vaud

Swiss topographic coordinates: 2'536'118, 1'183'634

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OpenStreetMap: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/240130403



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Other visible sites in the area

The cupule stone "de Crusilles-Dessus"

Discovered fortuitously in 2000 on the edge of a quarry, the Crusilles-Dessus cupule stone is located next to a public car park, about 200 metres from the discovery site. The exact original location of this stone is not known as it was uncovered during the quarry operation and then set aside along with other blocks of stone too large to be mined. Currently, it is visible at all times, and an information plaque has been installed beside it.

The stone block, made of gneiss, is 3.1 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.3 m high. Although it bears the marks of modern quarrying, about 25 cups of 4 to 6 cm in diameter can still be seen. The function of these cups is not clearly established (rainwater harvesting? Offering table?). It is possible that this cupule stone is also a menhir statue according to certain signs, such as the western end as a roughly cut base, and the eastern end in the shape of a point that evokes a head.

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