Essertes (VD) - Auboranges (FR)

On the limit between the villages of Essertes and Auboranges, a big standing stone (menhir) can be seen at the end of a rustic path.

Cantons: Fribourg, Vaud

Swiss topographic coordinates:

Google Earth file: Essertes-Auboranges-en.kmz



The "Pierre du dos à l'âne" menhir

Named "Pierre du dos à l'âne", the biggest menhir known in Switzerland is located on the boundary between the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg at least since the XIXth century. For a long time, the menhir lied on the ground, half-buried, and it was considered as a simple erratic stone. During the 1990', the menhir is tudied by the archaeologists and it is set upright at its nowadays location.

The menhir is 5,60 meter high and weighs 25 tons. It has been set up during the Neolithic, between 4500 and 1500 BC, at an unknwon exact location.

Swiss topographic coordinates: 550'660, 158'439

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