Canton: Vaud

Period: Iron Age

Google Earth file: Assens-en.kmz


  • Falcquet Ch., May Castella C., "Un patrimoine à voir" in Archéologie Suisse, 34.2011.2, pp. 58-61

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Celtic tumulus

Atthe East of the village of Assens, in a glade of a wood called ‘Bois des Allemands’ (Germans’ Wood), it is possible to see a tumulus built during the First Iron Age. This imposing grave (diameter: 19 meters) protected the cremated remains of a woman who was probably a member of the local aristocracy and she was buried in 600 BC approximatly. A second person was also buried near 450 BC at the top of the tumulus.

The excavations of the beginning of the 20th century, made by Albert Naef, cantonal archaeologist, and several inhabitants of the area, allowed also to discover several objects of a set of bronze jewels. A stone with an inscription has been set near the tumulus to commemorate these excavations. A coy of this stone is nowadays visible, the original one is stored in a communal building. In 2008, the tumulus has been restored and an information panel set up.